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Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 5

Greeting Readers,
I'm sitting in my lobby posting this from my iphone while waiting for a ride to Galaxy Travel Agency! I'm getting a tour package! I came over here pretty free spirited knowing I would be in Addis Ababa for 4 or 5 days & stay at the Dimitri Hotel... But that's all I booked.. Hahaha! I'm a bit of a gypsy & free spirit when it comes my treaks! Of... & Im cheap & I've learned U get better rates when ur actually in a country like Ethiopia & I will end up going to & staying in better rooms with the knowledge of my new friend (hotel owner) Sunait's connection at this travel agency!

So....Yesterday,Sunday there was an utter blast in my heart, soul, spirit for these people! I went to a beautiful catholic church with Sinait at 7:30am! The cathedral was full so we stood outside with hundreds! I stood by what I would call little shrine chapel where people would kneel & worship! There was a priest in side! He tapped me on my shoulder & asked me my Christian name. Sunait later told me he made a special prayer for the rest of my trip! So special! I have to run my ride is here! Ooxx

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