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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heading south today

Salaam All! Today is May 27th! I'm taking a bus to Awasa & the surrounding areas for the next 6 days so U might not hear from me until June 1!
I gotta roll! Thanks for following me on this amazing trip! Ooxx

Day 14? ( I think)

Salaam!!!! I have been on a 7 day tour of the N. Towns of Ethiopia! I have
had no access to the Internet! Thanks for
all ur emails of concern of my lack of
posting a current blog! I have been on 6 flts in 7 days! I've visited & played with hundreds of Orphane children....most which Im happy to report are soo well cared for. These children are taken in off the streets and loved and given shelter! Many of the contributors
who fund these safe houses are donators
from Europe, Spain & The US! Proudly I report to
U the Ethiopian people who run these Orphanages R my true Heroes! Most of them
have the dream to start the Orphanages & take the children off
the street & they find the person to fund the Orphanage! A lot of the time
a tourist or long term visitor will see the cause & fuel the
dream of a Orhanage Director! It's these two like minded souls coming together
that makes me soo proud to feel like a Citizen of the world
on my mission to spread my message to U! I'm soo proud to be apart of such good Im witnessing! I've been to many places....I want to inform U of
the love, compassion, hospitAlity & joy the magical country invelopes from their heart! Ethiopia has NO crime, No gangs, No drug abbuse! I have been walking back to
my hotel room & invited by the man/woman walking next to me into their private home for lunch or afternoon tea & even dinner! Every time I have excepted the invite! I have never in my 45 years experienced a country that's true authentic hand print is soo giving & Generous
to someone visiting their country! I'm signing off with such appreciation this evening
& joy to have had this encounter in my life! I have 8 days to
go! I leave via bus to the south tomorrow morning! Imconfident I will
have more blessed memories of more people here I now call family! Thanks for listening! love & Peace to U all!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 5

Greeting Readers,
I'm sitting in my lobby posting this from my iphone while waiting for a ride to Galaxy Travel Agency! I'm getting a tour package! I came over here pretty free spirited knowing I would be in Addis Ababa for 4 or 5 days & stay at the Dimitri Hotel... But that's all I booked.. Hahaha! I'm a bit of a gypsy & free spirit when it comes my treaks! Of... & Im cheap & I've learned U get better rates when ur actually in a country like Ethiopia & I will end up going to & staying in better rooms with the knowledge of my new friend (hotel owner) Sunait's connection at this travel agency!

So....Yesterday,Sunday there was an utter blast in my heart, soul, spirit for these people! I went to a beautiful catholic church with Sinait at 7:30am! The cathedral was full so we stood outside with hundreds! I stood by what I would call little shrine chapel where people would kneel & worship! There was a priest in side! He tapped me on my shoulder & asked me my Christian name. Sunait later told me he made a special prayer for the rest of my trip! So special! I have to run my ride is here! Ooxx

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 3

Good morning, good evening my friends,
today is Sat. I woke up feeling rested & ready to see some needy families, children & get to know some of the locals. I started out on foot walking all morning after breakfast with my bag of donations not knowing where I would end up! The thing about this country is about 80% of the people I came across are in need! Whether it's shoes, clean cloths or just a smile & a pat on the head & a WK goofy face to make the children happy & smile! I felt like a true WK Ambasador today!! I was alittle nervous at first in fear I would not be embrassed! This did not happen,much the opposite, every passer byer I would go out of my way to greet that face! Once they saw my open spirit I got it rt back! So many kids were following my on my stroll as I passed out Orange Bubble gum! I got waves from the opposite side of the street in what was like a suburb of Addis Ababa! I came across a Womans & Children Health crisis center! I was soo happy to stumble across it as if My blind stroll was being guided there! As I approached the building rolling my bag behind me on the dirt road entrance a woman came out & greeted me with a big smile! I opened my bag & asked if any of my provisions were in need? Her eyes got big & she took my arm & led me in! I was introduced to a woman in charge! She spoke quite a bit of English as surprisingly most do. She took me on a tour & I met many sick children & mothes dwelling there with lots of diff Heath issues! After my stay I walked out with many on lookers waving Good bye! Then to my amazement were the four little boys that walked me there!

As we walked back I took the opposite side of the sidewalk so I could say hello to the previous on lookers & wavers! I stuck my head in many shops which basically look like sheads! One is a meat shop, another a barber or grocery shop! I went into one & bought a sm can of pringles & a can of juice! To be honest, I really didn't want to buy anything! Wasn't much for the taking but since I entered the shop I felt it to be rude not buying something! The store owner was quite talkative & asked me many questions about the U.S & Ethiopian politics! He shook my hand 3 times!

I'm now in my room watching a rain storm with No power! It goes off during a good storm but back on very quickly after. Happened yesterday too. Chris, tomorrow is Sunday! I found a church in walking distance to attend! I will make sure to take pics!

Ok, that's it for my 3rd day! Hope this finds U all feeling quite greatful & appreciative of ur health & happiness!

Sending Ethiopia Love to all my readers!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 1 in Addis Ababa

Good morning all- I'm 10 hours ahead of U! I woke up at 9am! It was really hard getting to sleep! My jaw & head ached! Took two advil & slept 6 hours! Had a fun dream Co staring Debo & Mateo.

I'm sitting in the dining hall off the lobby alone CNN on & some navite music playing! I had tea, toast, juice & black tea! Mateo I almost ordered coffee! He smells really nice! I don't have a big day planned! Need to get my barrings on! Want to hire a car & set my room up from a market! Then go to he American Embassy & say Hello! The trip getting here was not soo bad! Just 4 flts and lots of hours in the air! My donation bag was siting here waiting for me! My hotel is very comfy! Very clean! I got a bigger room& bed than I thought I was receiving. I see a nap in my futre! Please bare with my typing ! I'm n my iPhone ! My taxi just arrived ! Time to see where I am! Ooxx