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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 14? ( I think)

Salaam!!!! I have been on a 7 day tour of the N. Towns of Ethiopia! I have
had no access to the Internet! Thanks for
all ur emails of concern of my lack of
posting a current blog! I have been on 6 flts in 7 days! I've visited & played with hundreds of Orphane children....most which Im happy to report are soo well cared for. These children are taken in off the streets and loved and given shelter! Many of the contributors
who fund these safe houses are donators
from Europe, Spain & The US! Proudly I report to
U the Ethiopian people who run these Orphanages R my true Heroes! Most of them
have the dream to start the Orphanages & take the children off
the street & they find the person to fund the Orphanage! A lot of the time
a tourist or long term visitor will see the cause & fuel the
dream of a Orhanage Director! It's these two like minded souls coming together
that makes me soo proud to feel like a Citizen of the world
on my mission to spread my message to U! I'm soo proud to be apart of such good Im witnessing! I've been to many places....I want to inform U of
the love, compassion, hospitAlity & joy the magical country invelopes from their heart! Ethiopia has NO crime, No gangs, No drug abbuse! I have been walking back to
my hotel room & invited by the man/woman walking next to me into their private home for lunch or afternoon tea & even dinner! Every time I have excepted the invite! I have never in my 45 years experienced a country that's true authentic hand print is soo giving & Generous
to someone visiting their country! I'm signing off with such appreciation this evening
& joy to have had this encounter in my life! I have 8 days to
go! I leave via bus to the south tomorrow morning! Imconfident I will
have more blessed memories of more people here I now call family! Thanks for listening! love & Peace to U all!

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