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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 1 in Addis Ababa

Good morning all- I'm 10 hours ahead of U! I woke up at 9am! It was really hard getting to sleep! My jaw & head ached! Took two advil & slept 6 hours! Had a fun dream Co staring Debo & Mateo.

I'm sitting in the dining hall off the lobby alone CNN on & some navite music playing! I had tea, toast, juice & black tea! Mateo I almost ordered coffee! He smells really nice! I don't have a big day planned! Need to get my barrings on! Want to hire a car & set my room up from a market! Then go to he American Embassy & say Hello! The trip getting here was not soo bad! Just 4 flts and lots of hours in the air! My donation bag was siting here waiting for me! My hotel is very comfy! Very clean! I got a bigger room& bed than I thought I was receiving. I see a nap in my futre! Please bare with my typing ! I'm n my iPhone ! My taxi just arrived ! Time to see where I am! Ooxx

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