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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 3

Good morning, good evening my friends,
today is Sat. I woke up feeling rested & ready to see some needy families, children & get to know some of the locals. I started out on foot walking all morning after breakfast with my bag of donations not knowing where I would end up! The thing about this country is about 80% of the people I came across are in need! Whether it's shoes, clean cloths or just a smile & a pat on the head & a WK goofy face to make the children happy & smile! I felt like a true WK Ambasador today!! I was alittle nervous at first in fear I would not be embrassed! This did not happen,much the opposite, every passer byer I would go out of my way to greet that face! Once they saw my open spirit I got it rt back! So many kids were following my on my stroll as I passed out Orange Bubble gum! I got waves from the opposite side of the street in what was like a suburb of Addis Ababa! I came across a Womans & Children Health crisis center! I was soo happy to stumble across it as if My blind stroll was being guided there! As I approached the building rolling my bag behind me on the dirt road entrance a woman came out & greeted me with a big smile! I opened my bag & asked if any of my provisions were in need? Her eyes got big & she took my arm & led me in! I was introduced to a woman in charge! She spoke quite a bit of English as surprisingly most do. She took me on a tour & I met many sick children & mothes dwelling there with lots of diff Heath issues! After my stay I walked out with many on lookers waving Good bye! Then to my amazement were the four little boys that walked me there!

As we walked back I took the opposite side of the sidewalk so I could say hello to the previous on lookers & wavers! I stuck my head in many shops which basically look like sheads! One is a meat shop, another a barber or grocery shop! I went into one & bought a sm can of pringles & a can of juice! To be honest, I really didn't want to buy anything! Wasn't much for the taking but since I entered the shop I felt it to be rude not buying something! The store owner was quite talkative & asked me many questions about the U.S & Ethiopian politics! He shook my hand 3 times!

I'm now in my room watching a rain storm with No power! It goes off during a good storm but back on very quickly after. Happened yesterday too. Chris, tomorrow is Sunday! I found a church in walking distance to attend! I will make sure to take pics!

Ok, that's it for my 3rd day! Hope this finds U all feeling quite greatful & appreciative of ur health & happiness!

Sending Ethiopia Love to all my readers!


  1. Woodie I love reading your blog. How amazing it is all the people you're touching and them you. What an incredible experience. Keep writing!

  2. So glad everything is going well! I can't wait to see pictures and read more. PS- I spoke with Levi at the orphanage there & he said to stop by if you have time. They did not get the email.