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Saturday, June 5, 2010

End of my Ethiopian Journey

Hello..... Salaam!
My time Ethiopia Trek is over....for now! As my body is no longer physically there, I'm there in mind and spirit forever. I will never erase those beautiful faces I encountered the last 25 days! I'm forever grateful for having had this experience and feel soo enriched in regards to the Ethiopian pride of a country/culture striving to be recognized on a National level.

(In The Beginning)
I remember starting off my days in Ethiopia. I believe it was Day 2. I kept looking at my iphone calender and thinking; "What have I started?" "What am I doing here?" I felt very vulnerable because I was all by my self for the next 3 plus weeks. I didn't know the culture and how I would be received gala-vanting all over the country trying to look into their world, their ophanages, their homes, kitchen's,their nite life, Churches, streets! This idea to do all this seemed wildly adventurous prior to leaving, but now....now that I was actually there....I became a bit vulnerable. I later realized that was just my fears of the unknown taking over! I hadn't dove in like I said I was going to. Barely there a couple days & afraid to get my feet wet...staying close to the hotel in Addis! Then, to my excitement.....I felt like Sally Field! "Salaam Sir", "Hello Sir...What is your name?" Every person & child I came across wanted to give me blessings & greetings of welcome!! "They liked me!" "They really really liked me!!" This experience allowed a great confidence to accomplish my goals I had set. Yum-Diggity!!

(My last Days)
So now weeks have passed and I look down at my iphone and the date reads June 1st! I think..."June 1st???" No way! This is crazy! How can it be?? I have to leave here in a couple days!" Where did the time go? It was a lovely realization that I had become sooo welcomed here, soo comfortable and treated soo delightfully by the people of Ethiopia! As you have read in past post or short tweets or updates on FB; I was invited into private homes for Coffee ceremonies while walking down a street! I was invited into Kitchens for Enjerra! I was welcomed into over 15 Orphanages & allowed to waltz into a classroom and take over an English class for a day or sit in the boys dorm room and go over Math homework. I was Embraced by Hotel owners, merchants, tour guides that have now been made into friends. Every town I visited has left me with such personal & memorable images & stories. I then looked at my videos, pictures and gifts that were given to me by certain new friends & it was then I realized how this country wants to be seen! These people wanted me to be there and reveal themselves to you. I had no idea previously going to this country except that economically they were a poor country. What was revealed to me was all the Riches this country evokes. They are the kindest folk I've truly ever come accross. They all live in harmony. There are no gangs. All religions whether you are Orthodox Christian, Catholic, Prespiterian or Muslim live & greet one another with respect under the same Flag!

I will end by saying what I have said prior about this experience in pasts tweets:
I feel soo blessed, honored & humbled to have been a voice of Ethiopia. This experience has been such a learning experience on soo many levels; one being that when you allow yourself such opportunities in your life, its the people who you meet, who touch you that define your Authentic Purpose here on earth. I feel this change in me.

I hope you enjoyed my stories, pictures & video's! Thanks for following me and reading my posts! I hope they have been enjoyable to read and that something I have written has changed you as well.

Much peace & love,
Woodie of "Woodie's Kitchen"

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